Global Links

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Establishing Global Links at Torre

This year we are working towards a link with Primary and Secondary Schools in Peru. Our Geography and Global subject leader is in communication with Tom Jolly, director of Global Ed. Global Ed is a company close to our hearts in Education. They believe that education should be free but recognising that trade it better than aid in terms of development and implementation.

Our Vision

To integrate the global dimension as a theme which links subjects, events and our school ethos together in the sight of God for the benefit of all.

We will establish high standards by:

·     Monitoring and evaluating our partnership

·     Strengthening our partnership with the schools, country and culture

·     Working collaboratively with Tom Jolly (director of Global Ed)

Educational Objectives:

·     To develop critical thinking around global issues

·     To weave the global dimension throughout our creative curriculum

·     To establish professional debate and discussion amongst all staff

·     To share and complete joint curricular projects

·     To use ICT effectively to establish strong links

Our Values and Principles:

·     To develop Christian values in a global context

·     To develop an inclusive learning community where ‘everyone is different, yet all the same’ 

·     To promote open-mindedness and a willingness to learn from the experience of others

·     To value all people as equal and different